Book Reviews

Twelfth-Century English

Ashe, Laura. Conquest and Transformation, The Oxford English Literary History Vol. 1 (Oxford, 2017).

Brett, Martin and David A. Woodman (eds.) The Long Twelfth-Century View of the Anglo-Saxon Past (Farnham, 2015).

Doane, A. N. & W. P. Stoneman, Purloined Letters: the twelfth-century reception of the Anglo-Saxon Illustrated Hexateuch (Tempe, 2011).

Gray, Douglas (ed.) From the Norman Conquest to the Black Death: an anthology of writings from England (Oxford, 2011).

Home, Malasree. The Peterborough Version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: rewriting post-Conquest history (Woodbridge, 2015).

Licence, Tom (ed.) Bury St Edmunds and the Norman Conquest (Woodbridge, 2015).

O’Brien, Bruce. Reversing Babel: Translation among the English during an Age of Conquests c. 800 to c. 1200 (Newark, 2011).

Scragg, Donald. A Conspectus of Scribal Hands Writing English, 960-1100 (Cambridge, 2012).

Short, Ian (ed.) The Oxford Psalter (Bodleian MS Douce 320) (Oxford, 2015).

Toupin, Fabienne and Brian Lowrey (eds.) Studies in Linguistic Variation and Change: from Old to Middle English (Newcastle, 2015).

Treharne, Elaine. Living through Conquest: the politics of Early English, 1020-1220 (Oxford, 2012).

Tyler, Elizabeth M. (ed.) Conceptualizing Multilingualism in England, c. 800 – c. 1250 (Turnhout, 2011).

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