Books and Articles

On Twelfth-Century English

A New Literary History of the Long Twelfth Century: Language and Literature between Old and Middle English (2022)

The Old English Bede: a new source for the F-version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (2021)

Habemus Corpora: Reapproaching Philological Problems in the Age of ‘Big’ Data (2021)

Linguistic Evidence for the Compilation of Twelfth-Century Manuscripts containing Old English Texts: the case of Cotton Vespasian D. xiv (2017)

Dublin, Trinity College, MS 492: A New Witness to the Old English Bede and its Twelfth-Century Context (2017)

The Eadwine Psalter and Twelfth-Century English Vernacular Literary Culture (2017)

The Twelfth-Century Annotations to the Old English Hexateuch: Some Corrected Readings (2017)

Orderic and English (2016)

Further Evidence for Knowledge of Werferth’s Translation of Gregory’s Dialogues at Canterbury around 1200 (2016)

Worcester, Cathedral Library, Q. 29, fols. 133-7: An Early Middle English Sermon and Its Context (2013) [with Stephen Pelle]

Archaism, Belatedness and Modernisation: ‘Old’ English in the Twelfth Century (2012)

Rewriting English Literary History, 1042-1215 (2012)

Gerald of Wales and Standard Old English (2011)

On Other Topics

Corpus Philology, Big Dating and Bottom-Up Periodisation (2023)

Using Manuscript Books as a Source for Medieval Culture (2021)

Quantifying the Consistency of ‘Standard’ Old English Spelling (2020)

English (from The Oxford Handbook of Language Contact, 2020)

Medieval Manuscripts (from Oxford Bibliographies Online, 2019)

Teaching Beowulf in its Manuscript Context (2014)

The Autograph Hand of John Lydgate and a Manuscript from Bury St Edmunds Abbey (2012) [with W. H. E. Sweet]

Exegesis in the City: the Chester Plays and Earlier Chester Writing (2012)

“Like a Virgin”: the Reheading of St Edmund and Monastic Reform in Late-Tenth-Century England (2012)

The Spatial Hermeneutics of Lucian’s De laude Cestrie (2011)

Ælfric, St Edmund and St Edwold of Cerne (2008)